Blogging Guru Blueprint Review: Good Value?

blogging guru blueprint reviewIs Patric Chan’s Blogging Guru Blueprint Any Good?

I quite recently reviewed Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income 3:0 and I only gave it a very average review, because I felt it didn’t educate people how they could make money online for themselves and it wasn’t as newbie friendly  – which is what it portrayed itself to be.

Yes, it did give people an opportunity to turn a profit potentially – but without teaching them the right skills to make money on their own and certainly not without a fair amount of effort on their part.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this product has plenty of good value content and is very much step-by-step – it is not just fluff!

Blogging Guru Blueprint: Review In Brief.

Product:  Blogging Guru Blueprint.
Creator: Patric Chan.
overall rating: 70/100.
Mini Review: I would give this product a much higher score if I could, the reason I can’t right now is that you have to download every single training item, including all videos, on to your computer to access them!

Every time I want to download a set of training videos, it takes me an hour or more!  If you don’t have a super speedy internet connection, this may well trouble you.  There is a tonne of training available here though, very newbie friendly step-by-step guides and videos:  A big thumbs up for the content…. if only it was more accessible!  There is also a 60 day money back guarantee, so check it out.

What Is Blogging Guru Blueprint About?

Patric Chan’s Blogging Guru Blueprint is meant to be an full, in depth course, that teaches you how to set up a blog from scratch and how to eventually make money from it.

The course covers a very wide scope of information – right from setting up a WordPress blog, customizing your blog, getting traffic to your blog via various means, building and email list and earning money from your blog in a variety of ways, including affiliate marketing.

As far as the sales page goes, I was really impressed here, because it was a real step back from so many of the over-hyped sales pages that I’m used to seeing and certainly a tone or two down from Patric Chan’s previous products in that respect also.

However, moving from the sales page and on to the actual product;  I was expecting to see a modern dashboard with all the training and videos right there available for me to view online at my leisure and… that’s not what I got.

blogging guru blueprint congrats

When you finally access the product, it’s little more than a WordPress website, which has a long list, (a very, very long list) of training – but you have to download every single segment of training to your computer in order to view it.

That includes any PDF files and all the video training.

The videos are largely in groups of three to download, which – unless you have a speedy connection, (I personally am in the process of updating my own!) – it takes a really long time.

I don’t understand why this is the case, why is all this content not just uploaded on to a site and made easily accessible to the buyer!?

The first module said it’d take 10 minutes to download, which was OK – but later on, sets of three videos would take an hour or more and there are a LOT of videos to download on this course.

So, if you’re looking for a user friendly way to learn how to build a blog or website – this isn’t it.

Click here for an accessible program – video training at your fingertips.

I decided to contact the support team – which means just sending an email – to ask if this is going to be updated and to complain that I don’t find the course very accessible.

I am still awaiting a reply – but I will update when I do.

What Training Is Included?

I was really impressed with the sheer amount of training available, considering the price was very reasonable at $47.

There are three key modules, but each module is divided into many separate training videos and tutorials.


Part 1:   This includes how to set up WordPress, launching your blog, an exact step-by-step tutorial of how to set up your WordPress website.  There are 7 training sections to download.

Part 2:  Wordpress customization – how to make your blog look professional.  6 separate sections to download.


This module involves blog monetization strategies, such as affiliate promotions, Amazon, Google Adsense, WordPress list building.

  • 15 videos on affiliate promotions.
  • 15 videos on Adsense.
  • 10 videos on WordPress list building.


This module focuses on how to get traffic via SEO methods , content marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing and local business.   There are 15 separate downloadable training segments in module #3.

Plus Bonuses:

  • Bonus guru plugin,
  • Blogging guru locker plugin, (I like the look of this, it locks content of your own choosing, the reader has to take some action to unlock the content – e.g. share on social media or join your mailing list!).
  • Commission Miner course – demonstrates how affiliates can crush it with marketing tactics.

Content Vs Accessibility And Visual Appeal:

This program isn’t going to win any beauty awards and accessibility wise, it’s not user friendly.

I really do hope they change this – as I write this review, this is a relatively new product and I hope this will be improved upon.

Content wise though, it is great value for money and if you have the quick ability to download, you will no doubt find it considerably less frustrating than me!

It would just make so much more sense if all this content was accessible easily online for everyone.

It would also be really beneficial to have a forum included and a message board, this would make it easy for other members to share tips and experiences.

Support Available:

Another element that could be improved upon is their support – at the moment, all this consists of is an email contact, so if you’re really stuck, you could be waiting a while to get any help.

This is another reason why an online forum connected to this program, would be a really good idea – and it wouldn’t be hard to set up!

blogging guru blueprint support



  • Lots of content – hours of step by step tutorial videos, plenty of in depth training that is beneficial to newbies.  Also more advanced strategies later on in the course.
  • Goes over a variety of ways you can direct traffic to your site and makes sales.
  • Includes marketing strategies and list building.
  • Includes added free bonuses that actually look quite useful.
  • Not the hype associated with many Clickbank products.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.


  • To access the content – you need to download everything!  Including all the videos, many of which download in sets of three.
  • Very basic WordPress site with training in a list of downloadable content.
  • No community/forum.
  • Limited support – just an email contact.

Blogging Guru Blueprint Review Conclusion – Is It Good Value?

There is plenty of good, helpful content included here – but the delivery is a bit of a mess right now.

you wouldn’t want to download every aspect of this training on to you computer because…

  • You probably wouldn’t want that amount of content on your computer permanently, but if you delete it after viewing, you’d have to download it all again to revisit the training.  Ideally, You want all the training in one neat place, so you can look through it whenever you like.  Right?
  • Downloading just segments of this training can take a really long time and will be incredibly slow if you don’t have a super fast internet connection.

Hopefully they will improve on this and I will update this review if these changes are made.

I purchased this product to review without any great expectations – but this product did surprise me.

It’s actually a decent product – and it’s excellent value, aside from the downloading issues.

If they do improve on this and I could gain access to the entire product easily, I will definitely raise my overall score of it.

At the moment, I haven’t checked out every aspect of the training available, because it just takes too long to download…

However, if you’re unsure about how easy it would be for you to download the training, there is a 60 day money back guarantee – in fact, his offer is even better than a money back guarantee:

Patric Chan says – that if you’re not totally convinced that this is an awesome investment, you can get a refund AND keep all the training too!  

That is certainly a very decent offer.

blogging guru blueprint money back guarantee

Access Bogging Guru Blueprint Here!

Alternative Platform:

Purchasing this product is a good place to start, if you’re on a tight budget.

But if you’re dedicated to setting up a blog and learning how you can make money from it over time, I recommend you join this online community.

I’m a member myself!  There is free training to get started, so you can see if you like it.

Plus tonnes of step-by-step training, (that you do NOT have to download!), tutorials, weekly webinars and lots more.

The most important aspect for me though, is the community.  There are a very active and helpful community, so you can always get advice.

It’s also encouraging to regularly read members success stories and see people advance and progress over time – as well as share your own journey.  Click here to read my full review.

How long have you been blogging?  Or have you not started yet?  Let me know in the comments!

All the best… 🙂


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