How To Get Started With Internet Marketing?

how to get started with internet marketing


Stage one – Confusion, Panic, Overload!

When I first realised that I wanted to start earning money online, I didn’t have the first clue how to get started with internet marketing.

I didn’t even know what internet marketing was!how to get started with internet marketing

I spent several months searching through the internet, you tube videos and reviews.

Suddenly a whole world opened up, but I felt overwhelmed.

I’d taken in so much information, yet I could hardly remember any of it!

There was a lot of conflicting advice, in the beginning, I felt more confused than ever and I didn’t know what route to take.

There are lots of people out there claiming they have a secret formula to making money online – but that is just BS.

While there are various routes to generating an online income, they all require work.

If I’d known then, what I know now, I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration.

First things you need to get started with internet marketing:

  •  Ideally, you want to join a legitimate training program where you can learn all the basic skills.
  • You need to be part of a forum or community where you can bounce ideas, ask for advice and have general support.
  • Finding a mentor that is successful and who you can trust, is a great idea.
  • You need to have absolute belief in what you are doing will work -there will be many doubts along the way, you need to squash them.
  • Taking action is KEY!  Spend 80% of your time taking action and 20% of it learning.
  • Procrastination is your enemy, to avoid it, you need set goals to follow daily and try and cut out distractions.  I know all too well how difficult that can be…
  • If you believe that failure is not an option, the only road you’re travelling is the one to success.

There Are No Short Cuts To Success!

Do not buy into programs that claim that making money online is super easy, quick and requires next to no work whatsoever.

Start small, take your time, build your business from the ground up, invest in decent quality training and get the work done.  The time and effort you put in now, will reward you in the future.Never give up internet marketing

If you think of learning about internet marketing as an education and a journey, rather than an immediate money making opportunity, you will be less frustrated when the dollars aren’t rolling in early on.

Think about it – if you were going to college for four years… when would you expect to be making money from your studies?  A couple of weeks into your first term!?

…Or sometime after you graduate?

In reality, you can potentially make decent money much faster online than you can in a regular career… but you have to work at it hard first.

There is no push button system that miraculously does all the work for you, while you just reap the rewards.

There will be many times where you will want to give up, this is not an easy path to follow.

You need gritty determination!

You need a method to get over the humps in the road, because often a period of feeling low about your current situation, can be immediately followed by times of great motivation and progress!

You just need to let the feelings go, pick yourself up and move on.

So, where do you begin?

Well, to begin, while you can scrap around and try and find everything you need to know via google search or looking on you tube…

…in my opinion, you’d save a LOT of time if you know where to look for decent training and I will suggest some options further down this page!

But if you want to get a basic idea of what you might be learning, we can go through that now.

  • First off, you need to choose a niche.  This is just an area of particular interest you’d like to build your business around, whether it be product or information based (read what is a niche website.)
  • Second of all, you will need a website.  Don’t worry…it’s really easy to  set up a free website these days and it’s very straight forward.
  • Third, you will need to start writing content for your site that is useful and engaging for your reader, with posts that are optimized using SEO techniques –  such as keyword research, (don’t worry, you’ll learn that).
  • Fourth, build up traffic gradually using organic free traffic obtaining techniques, (using SEO & Social media for example) you may also want to experiment with some paid methods.
  • Fith once you’ve got into the swing of writing quality content and have started building up your audience – you can start to implement ways to generate an income from your site & build your email list!

How Do You Start Making Money Online?

When it comes to internet marketing, one of the initial ways to sell that’s often taught to make money online, is via affiliate marketing.

You, (the affiliate) simply recommends a product in your page or post on your blog, (via a website that you create) and if someone purchases that product – you earn a commission.

It seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it?

It’s also easy to implement for an infinite number of niches, quite simply because a majority of brands and products, (increasing all the time) have affiliate programs.

Often these programs are very simple to join too, so you can get started fairly quickly with it.  Unfortunately affiliate marketing does not lead to sales over night – you need to build up content and traffic to your website first.

It’s not as simple as it sounds however – because to sell anything, you need to have visitors to your site, (traffic).  There are various ways you can obtain traffic, but it is one of the most difficult aspects to get started.

Once you have an audience of people coming to your website that appreciate what YOU are doing and the value YOU give them, then selling becomes much easier.

You need to provide value to other people, the more value you provide – the more likely potential customer is going to appreciate and trust what you say.

Once you have an audience there is a whole bunch of other ways you can make money from your site – two of the most popular are email marketing and PPC advertising, such as google adsense.

Great….but how do you do it?

There is some really fantastic training out there… you just need to know where to look.

I presently have three top programs that I recommend to people who are starting out.

Each course is completely different, but all of them are suitable for newbies and all of them offer training towards the end result you’re looking for – making money online.

If you are BRAND new online and have zero experience whatsoever, I suggest you get some free training initially before you pay out for a full membership anywhere…

Purely because, you may discover that all this is not for you and it’s best you know what you’re getting into.

Wealthy Affiliate

My #1 recommendation for people joining online is Wealthy Affiliate.Wealthy affiliate icon

You can sign up for a free starter account at WA and they have a ten part starter course, where you also get two free siterubix websites.

Their premium membership is also second to none and incredible value for the amount of training provided.

>> Great, sign me up for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate!

Alternatively – read my full Wealthy Affiliate review.


My #2 recommendation is Affilorama, which has some fantastic free training available.affilorama icon

Personally, I don’t feel the premium membership offers anything like the value of Wealthy Affiliate, but the free training is definitely worth looking at.

>> Click here to read my Affilorama review!

Chris Farrell Membership

My #3 recommendation is the Chris Farrell Membership, which, although isn’t completely free, does have a $7 trial for seven days and from what you can gain from this chris farrell membershipprogram in 7 days, this is no money at all.

The Chris Farrel membership is most suited if you have ZERO experience online whatsoever, some of the training is a little dated too.

It does focus mainly on email marketing so, if you were more interested in a more rounded program, you’d want to advance on to one of the other suggestions later anyway.

That said, for the initial trial offer, it does give plenty of relevant training for total newbies, including on courses on things like, how to set up WordPress.

>> Click here to read my Chris Farrell review!

Those are my top thee recommendations – if you’re trying to figure out how to get started with internet marketing.

It can be incredibly overwhelming at the start, but as long as you get some quality training and take it STEP BY STEP, you can do it.

If it all gets a bit much – go and take a breather, take the night off, go for a walk or whatever you want to do to relax and come back to work with a clearer head…

…did I say WORK?

That’s right… start looking at this as your business from the GET GO!

This is not a hobby, this is work, this is your business.  Put your all into it and you will get back what you put in.

I wish you all the best!

Have you tried any of these programs before?

Are there any others you recommend?… Let me know in the comments!

All the best… 🙂

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  • Hi there Natalie,

    Great introduction to internet marketing, but I have to say something about Chris Farrell’s program. I took some of his free short courses in Allison (not sure if it’s still there) and found that his website building techniques is somewhat outdated when compared to WordPress.

    Also, he seems to focus more on creating sales pages instead of writing content based on keyword research. I personally find that Wealthy Affiliate’s training more in depth and solid if you are planning to build a sustainable online business.

    Just my two cents.

    • Hi cathy, the course is a bit different from then by the sound of it – I have written a full chris farrell membership review where I go over some of the negative aspects. However, at least for the trail $7 week, which is what I purchased to review the program, I think it’s worth it if someone has really limited experience online – in order to view some of his video training on (e.g.) setting up wordpress and so on – as he does use wordpress for this now. He does still focus on creating sales pages/squeeze pages — still no emphasis on blogging or SEO, generally traffic generated by you tube, social media, guest blogging etc and building a list. But there are sections of the program that I think are beneficial to people brand new online though. Thanks for the comment!

  • Thanks for this post! I found it immensely helpful!!
    I like the way you spread the information, and also write it in point form, majorly by finding a niche, making your website, getting your keyword research game on, SEO research, as well as writing content.
    Let me ask this question; Is affiliate marketing profitable?

    • I’m very pleased you found it helpful. Affiliate marketing can be very profitable – but in order to profit from it, you do need an audience first, ideally you need to focus on building an email list too. It does take time and effort though – so is not an overnight success business!

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