How Can You Make Money From Blogging?

how can you make money from bloggingHaving a blog is such a popular and everyday occurrence now, that every man and his dog seems to have one!  But…

How Can You Make Money From Blogging?

A large majority of people still do not understand how to monetize their blogs.

Many do not realise that there are actually a vast amount of different ways they can make money from a blog.

So, How Do You Do It?

Starting your own blog or website has never been easier and the vast array of ways you can make money from your blog, will be expanding by the day.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle of all, if you’re trying to make money from your blog, is to get your blog seen by as many people as possible.

To do this, the most effective, (and free) method is to make your blog highly visible in the search engines using search engine optimization, (SEO) techniques.

If you know nothing about SEO, fret not – it’s actually not as confusing as it sounds and simple to learn, (I will tell you how further down the page!).

One way to get your blog noticed is by targeting low-competition keywords in your blog posts, (keywords are particular phrases that people will be searching for in the search engines…

For example, “how to write a blog post” is a keyword, “Blogging for cash” is a keyword and so on..).

You want to be there answering queries that people are already searching for.

Ideally, you already have a passion or interest in mind that you’d like your blog to be about –  this will be your niche.

Sticking to a very specific niche can certainly help you get noticed sooner –

blogging in order to make money is not a quick road and if you’re not targeting a very particular audience, it’s easy to get lost!

You will need to write a LOT of content, so it helps if you’re interested in the topic you’re writing so much about.

To get the most out of your efforts, approach your blog more like a business than a hobby.

If you have this mindset from the beginning, you’ll be more likely to stick it out when the going gets tough.

Although you may have great interest in what you’re blogging about, even an intense interest can become a chore to write about!

So, you will need some motivation and dedication to push through these times.

How Do You Make Money From Your Blog?

A majority of bloggers will be making money by promoting, (or simply mentioning) other peoples products.

If someone clicks through your links and buys a product, you get paid a commission.  This is known as affiliate marketing.

You can partake in affiliate marketing by applying to affiliate programs.

There is an unlimited amount to choose form.  Some of the biggest names you will recognise…such asaffiliate marketing Amazon, Ebay and Etsy…

If you think of any brand, a large number of them will probably have an affiliate program.

To check this out for yourself, simply type into google the following….

(your interest/passion/topic/brand) + affiliate program

For example…if you’d like to start a blog all about how you changed your life from juicing, (pretty popular these days) – you would search:  juicing diet + affiliate program or juicer + affiliate program, or simply juicing + affiliate program.

Here is an example of some of the results you may find in google…

juicing affiliate programs

If you find a good amount of affiliate programs in your niche, this is a good sign –

this will mean there is a market and that your niche could be profitable for you.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is, you only need to suggest products or services to your reader.

If they make a purchase, you make a sale.

you don’t have to deal with the actual purchasing process, packing, payment or refund.

You just collect a commission every time someone decides to make a purchase.

Let’s say you already have an interest in mind, to base your blog around.  For the sake of this article, let’s pretend it’s “healthy eating.”

Well, if you’re writing a blog post about a healthy recipe that requires certain equipment, like a food processor or cooking implement, you could either subtly add an affiliate link within your text to a certain product page directly, (ie; on amazon)

OR alternatively, you may link to a separate page where you’ve written a full review, with your affiliate link within that review.

The amount of commission you receive varies wildly and depends on the company.

Many may pay around 3-6% –  while others generally pay up to 75%.  So, there is really quite a significant difference.

For certain products, you could potentially get hundreds of dollars off one sale – whereas, for another, you may get a dollar or less!

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The best idea is to write where people are already looking.

There are millions of sites and blogs out there wanting all wanting attention and all wanting to be seen – so how do you stand out?

Keyword Research

To get have the highest probability of being found, you need to target low competition keywords

You can then aim to reach page 1 in the search engines, for your targeted keywords.

Google generally ignores content under 500 words, so try and at least write more than that per post and aim for between 1000-1500 ideally.

So, let’s just say you wanted to write an article for your healthy eating blog about sprializer recipes…

(you know those gadgets that turn vegetables into spaghetti?  Very popular now!).

In this case, you may want to promote your favourite spiralizer.  To do this, you’d need to target a related keyword.

You can look for keywords using the free google keyword planner tool…

Or you could use a keyword research tool, (my favourite keyword tool is Jaaxy and you can sign up to Jaaxy for a free trial, which is well worth doing to have a play with it!).

So, for example, by searching using the Jaaxy keyword tool I found that…

“best veggie spiralizer” has 217 exact searches a month in Google – this could be a good target long-tail keyword to use as a title for a review post.

best veggie spiralizer

As you can see above on the table, the QSR, (number of competing pages for this keyword) is 33, (the lower this number is the better, for really low competition, under 100 QSR is best if you’re starting out).

The KQI, (keyword quality indicator) has a green circle for GOOD and the SEO score of 94 is also very good, (closer to 100 the better for SEO score).

By checking out keywords like this, you can get ideas for content and see what keyword would be most popularly searched for and potentially bring you the most traffic.

Of course, you also need to take into consideration competition for your keyword.

 Check out your top competition for your keyword directly, by typing it into google.

See what the top results are… do those top results have the keyword in their title?  Do they have a lot of social media shares?  Could you write a better post?

 For example, if the first page is filled with big authority sites, (sites with lots and lots of content that are dominant in their niche) you may want to choose a slightly less competitive keyword.

Other Ways You Can Make Money:

Once you start generating a decent amount of traffic to your blog, there are lots of ways you can make money

  • Email marketing.
  • Text link ads.
  • Widget Ads.
  • Advertising Space.

…and that’s just a selection of ways!

So, in answer to the original question – YES – plenty of people can and do make money from blogging.

But the first thing you need to do is create quality content that people will love, drive people to your blog and then, once you have an audience, you can generate an income in a number or ways.

The best way that you can get started and learn how to make money from your blog, is by joining a community of like minded people that are in the same boat.

For example, I am a member of a large online community, which is essentially a training platform.

There you can learn how to monetize a blog or website via affiliate marketing and drive free traffic to your blog or website.

As a free starter member, you get two free websites and a free ten part course.

The other members can also create their own training after a few months – so there is a huge amount to learn, (full review here).

Don’t Just Think About it…. Start Today!

I spent over 15 years thinking about blogging, before I actually committed to it.

I’m so glad I did, but do wonder where I’d be now if I’d started earlier.

Don’t be that person who just wonders about doing things and never acts on them!

Before you know it, many years have come and gone – and you’re still there at square one.

Start today and make it happen.

All the best…. 🙂

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