Is The Brit Method A Scam? One Of Many!

Is the Brit method a scam, or can it make you hundreds of thousands of pounds in the next 30 days?

is the brit method a scam

Binary Options trading robots have become a popular method online of conning people out of large sums of money and there seems no stopping them popping up all over the web.

What Is The Brit Method About?

The Brit Method just another Binary options scam – which are spreading around the internet like wildfire these days.

They all share the same basic idea behind them, so you will be able to spot them.

They always claim that signing up is “free,” (when a minimum of £250 or $250 will normally be required to start trading).

They all claim that they have a push button system that “anyone,” can do, even with zero experience.

They also all claim that they essentially have a “robot” that will be able to automatically trade on your behalf, based on an algorithm that will identify trends in the market.

The Brit method is just one of a group of related scams, including the Aussie method, the Canuck method and the Saffa method.  

These scams all share identically styled websites, the same stock image as the so-called “creator,” and just a different name of the main guy.

They’re all the same scam that have been re-branded to target different audiences, depending where you are in the world.

(See the Aussie method main page below – identical to the Brit method).

the Aussie method!

The Binary Options Robot Scam

These scams are targeting newbies searching for ways to make money online, because they fit the criteria for what most people are looking for.

That is, most people looking for these opportunities want to make a lot of binary options robot scammoney very quickly, without needing any skills or experience and they want it to be easy.

The idea behind a binary options trading robot fulfils all those elements.

It promises to be a totally push button system where you can earn hundreds of thousands of pounds, or even millions within the first month.

They also may contain some sort of offer you can’t refuse…

For example, they will first tell you it’s free, (which it isn’t) and they will also say they’ll give you some money back or cash payment if you don’t see results.

In this case, they promise you £10,000 if you don’t have amazing results within the first 30 days.  

But this is complete nonsense, no one is going to pay you that money.

There needs to be more of a crackdown on these scams.

Unfortunately, they seem to get away with it long enough to scam thousands of people out of their money.

The Reality Behind Binary Options…

Binary options is not a scam in itself, but you can’t just walk into it as a novice and start making thousands of pounds at the push of a button.

To have any success, you need to actually study it and gain knowledge about what you’re doing.  

Even once you are knowledgeable about it, it isn’t all plain sailing –

ultimately, it is still gambling no matter what you do and any money you invest can be at risk.

It isn’t the sort of thing that will just work for you on autopilot, while you sit back and enjoy cash flowing in, with no risk to you.

You need to put time and effort into working out and understanding the technical elements and be confident within that before you start risking your money.

Yes, there are legitimate tools that can help, but do not go in as a novice.

If you have no understanding of what you’re doing and just hope some automated software will do the work – that is a recipe for disaster.

The Brit Method Lies


The Brit Method was launched in 2015 by Jason Taylor… this isn’t the name of a real person behind the business, but just an invented name.

Other names are given for the same identical scams, along with the same identical stock photo of some random man.

Jason suggests you can make hundreds of thousands with the Brit Method within weeks.

Anyone who has even the slightest understanding of what’s involved trading binary options will know that this is not only unrealistic, but practically beyond the scope of possibility.

 It’s just BS.

Clearly, from the get go, The Brit Method can’t be trusted.  

All of the testimonial videos are also completely fake – not only do they look and appear scripted, but some of the actors have also been discovered to be on

Time and time again, testimonial videos are sourced from people on Fiverr or other micro job sites.

Ultimately, you’re not going to trust a business that has fake testimonials.

You need to give your email address in order to sign up and go further –

I’d warn you not to go any further as there have been reports that this program also puts a virus on to your computer, so you need to be careful.

The Brit Method Is Not Free & Not Invite only!

As with a large number of similar scams, they always claim to be 100% free which is just another way to get you in the door.  

While the software is “free,” – what you do have to pay for is a deposit to actually access the software at all and this will cost you £250

But since he’s already promised you £10,000 if you don’t make a tonne of cash…

Some people may be inclined to feel that this is nothing in comparison.

Do not be scammed into a false sense of security, because you will never see that 10k.

They also claim the page is secret and invite only.

This is another common tactic used and so obviously false.  

I found this program myself by doing a google search   – and it had a google Ad right at the top of the page.

The Brit Method Gives You No Information

With the Brit Method, you’re literally going in and handing over your money with your eyes closed.  

There is no information about this special “robot,” or exactly how it works.

 How can you trust a tool that you know absolutely nothing about?  

You don’t know the algorithm of this software, you don’t know what this “system,” is – you’re just handing over cash on faith alone.

If Jason was legit and we already know that Jason, (who ever he is) is not legit, he would give you considerably more detailed information about how he actually generates such massive profits.

Is The Brit Method A Scam?  Yep!

Everything about the Brit method is fabricated.

The testimonials, the fake promises about the giant income that you’ll make, the 10k you’ll apparently get if you don’t make hundreds of thousands right away.

Unfortunately, this is a set of scams all related to each other and there are many more about that very similar in nature – all with the same set of promises.

Binary options robot scams are set up to trick newbies interested in making money online and looking for a quick and easy way to do it.

By playing on people’s lack of knowledge on the subject and using deceptive marketing tactics, they can lure people in.

Hopefully enough websites are looking out for these now and trying to reveal them for what they are —

Beware though, some people trying to make money from these scams are still promoting it.

I did find positive review of this exact program – because people can make money from promoting products like this.

Making money online…

Whatever route you choose for trying to make money online – getting there is not easy and isn’t quick.

So, be very wary of anything that claims to make you thousands within days – this should start alarm bells ringing.

While I review various legit ways you can start making money online, the one way I talk about most is affiliate marketing.

It’s newbie friendly because it’s quite simple to learn, but it does take time to start making sales from it and is not a get-rich quick option, (even though some programs may claim as much!).

That said, it’s something that costs next to nothing to start, and unlike many other ways to make money online, it’s incredibly low-risk, which is what attracted me to it initially. 

For the best place to start learning about it, I recommend this program – it’s no quick fix, but you can check it out for free.

Have you invested into any of these Binary options scams?

Let me know in the comments.

All the best…






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