What Is A Niche Website? Info You Should Know!

what is a niche websiteWhat Is A Niche Website?  And How Can You Create One?

If you stumbled across this post, then the chances are that you have already heard of a niche website and you are considering creating one.

Before I started creating websites, one thing that did stump me initially was the idea of a niche and how I could go about choosing one – how would I make the right decision?

What is a niche website?

A niche website is a site centred around a very specific subject area that people are confused about what a niche website is?interested in.

Whether that’s to find out information, or to purchase a product.

The content of your niche website should contain information that the reader finds useful, interesting or entertaining to them.

If a subject or topic has a targeted group of people are interested in it, it is a niche.

To consider niche areas:

  • Losing weight over 50,
  • making money online,
  • Freelance writing,
  • Baby clothes,
  • dog training,
  • Breastfeeding,
  • mobile phone accessories,
  • Nintendo gaming,
  • Yoga for kids.

These are all examples of niches, some broader than others.

When you’re new online and wanting to choose a niche…

you would be wise to it narrow it down!

For example, you might be thinking about weight loss but “weight loss,” shouldn’t even be considered as a niche…

You need to narrow it down to something within that.  A sub-niche!

Focusing in on a particular diet, for example.

Or one specific method to lose weight… such as intermittent fasting!

Rather than kids clothing, you may want to choose boys toddler clothes.

Rather than pets supplies, to focus on one specific animal.

You can always scale out your niche later on if you choose to.

Choosing a domain name that will allow for that could be a good idea.

There was a time where you could throw up a small website, with under 20 pages and make money from creating content around a very narrow topic or niche and make money from it…

But now Google prefers more established sites, sites where they have built up trust over time and that google regards as “authority sites” within their specific niche.

That being said, if you target the right low-competition keywords, you can still find yourself on Google’s front page way before you have an authority site on your hands.

But as your site grows, so does your ability to rise up the rankings.

In many ways, it’s much better this way, as the people who do put the largest amount of efforts into their sites, will eventually reap the rewards.

Ultimately, whatever niche you choose, your number one focus should be on creating content for your audience and not just in a bid to make money.

Your audience, (or your customer!) is everything, focus on what will make the best experience for them and you will be headed in the right direction.

Examples of a niche site…

A site focused on reviews tends to translate well into sales.  “Treadmill reviews”, for target your customers with your nicheexample, which is very product focused, is an example of a niche.

There is an unlimited amount of ideas for niche review sites like this .

…exercise bikes, men’s running shoes, infant carseats, campervan supplies, for example.

Some people have done extremely well with these sorts of sites.

But unless you’re outsourcing your content, you may want to focus on something directly of interest to you, (especially if this is your very first niche site).

As writing hundreds of in depth reviews on the benefits of some specific crockpot, running shoe, treadmill or juicer, may get old very quickly if you have zero interest in your chosen niche.

Trust me – this has happened to me!

Alternatively, your site may be more information based.

The benefits of essential oils, for example, a site based on a specific diet, including recipes, online programs –

or perhaps a site reviewing certain membership based sites – such as dating sites.

Your site may be hobby based – a site on figure skating techniques, zumba or snow boarding…

Really, there are infinite of possibilities for niche websites.

How do you make money from a niche website?

It’s not all about your niche area, you need to also consider beforehand how exactly you will make money from it.

It’s likely your first step to monetize your site would be via affiliate marketing.  

Most companies and products have affiliate programs attached to them in one way or other now, so you have the opportunity to get a commission every time someone buys something you promote via your website.  

Commission rates vary wildly and, as such, you may want to consider the amount of commission you’d likely be receiving in your chosen niche, (by checking out related affiliate programs).

You should also consider whether the amount of traffic you’d possibly be generating to your site eventually –

could lead to you making decent money within it, (or not!).  (keyword research is necessary here)

It’s a hard one to really make a guess at, but sites that attract customers already wanting to purchase a product, will convert to much higher sales than a site whereby people go primarily for information.

There is an exception to this.

If you have an authority site on a chosen niche that is very competitive and information based, you may be generating a huge amount of traffic and therefore, could be making money via google adsense or other ad networks.

However, you really need to be generating thousands of visitors to your website before you can make reasonable money from google adsense.

Checking Out Your Competition…

Of course, thousands of other sites are all competing against each other and for some niches, competition can be fierce.

So, it is wise to check out your competition via either a free keyword search tool, (such as google keyword planner).

Or via some other keyword search tool, (such as the one I use – Jaaxy, 30 free searches upon sign up).

You’ll want to give yourself the best chance of getting to the top of the search engines.

Another way to check out your competition is to simply do a search on google for terms related to your potential niche, check out the competition on the front page.

Are these sites ones that you feel you can compete with in the future?

You can check out pages that show an exact match for your search term, by adding your term in quotations.  EG:  type in the search bar – “Cat bed reviews” for example!

You will be spending hundreds and even thousands of hours on your chosen niche site and in a very real sense, you are gambling with your time.

It may take months before you start making any money from your site and at the beginning your income will be more of a trickle than a flood.

If you’ve chosen the wrong niche, all your hard earned work may be wasted…  and this is where many people give up.

However, by failing in one niche, you will learn a great deal of valuable lessons and if you suck this up and move on, you can move on to success.

While choosing a niche is important, many people take far too long thinking about it and never get started –

it’s best to throw yourself into something that you are fairly confident can work and learn as you go!

Why some niches fail:

Key reasons that niches fail are that someone either dives into a niche that is too broad, too competitive, or not popular enough.

Now, some people will claim that really no niche is too competitive, because as long as their are low competition keywords to target and you rank for those, you can still generate a decent amount of traffic as you build your site.

Then as you build your site out, you will start ranking for the more competitive keywords faliure-brings-youeventually too.

That being said, it would be wise to make sure your niche is not too broad when you are a newbie.

By contrast to the overly competitive niche –

your niche may either not drive enough traffic to it, (because it’s not searched for enough) or be overly narrow, to the point you run out of things to write about!

You may have the only website in the world dedicated to the brain mushroom (Gyromitra esculeta) – but unless you’re generating enough traffic for your chosen keywords, you’re not going to be able to translate that into a full time business.

That being said, if your ultimate goal is to create lots of smaller niche sites, each making a small amount of money each month, then you could choose to target more narrow niches in the hope of getting to the top of the search engines easier.

The less competitive your niche, the easier you will find it to rank highly.

There are also still narrow niches out there, (if you can seek them out) that will have a large amount potential traffic and still a low amount of competition.

If you can find little gems like this, they’d be worth pursuing.

I first learnt about how to build a website and how to choose a niche over at this program.

You can sign up for free and benefit from a 10-part free course as a starter member – which is initially what I did myself.

Check out this training video below, it talks about how you can become an expert in any niche…

clicking this pic sends you directly to this video training!

The above video is almost an hour long and packed full of information, so well worth checking out.

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If you have any questions at all, please leave me a comment below! 

All the best… 🙂


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  • It is great content that you have written here. I have built several niche websites in the past and there mainly 2 things that I look for.

    1. The first is the amount of products you can promote in that niche because the majority of your articles will focus on product reviews. The more products there are in your respected niche the better.

    2. Niche with high priced items. There was on sale that I will never forget that paid me $300 commission just for one sale. This is crazy to say the least.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get started with your own niche website.

    • Hi there, thank you for your comments — very good points, it’s certainly much easier to focus on a niche with plenty of products you can review, running out of material is a common problem. Indeed, one I’ve problem I encountered with the first niche I pursued! lol. Secondly, high value items again make a big difference, or choosing affiliate programs that pay a higher percentage of commission otherwise. All the best!

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