What Is Instant Cash Sweepstakes? Scam Or Legit?

what is instant cash sweepstakes scam or legit

What is Instant Cash Sweepstakes: A great money making opportunity?  A Scam?  Or just a no-fuss way of making an extra few bucks?

I will briefly go over everything you need to know in my Instant Cash Sweepstakes review and you can make up your own mind.

Product: Instant Cash Sweepstakes
Website: www.instantcashsweepstakes.com
Price: Free
Money Making Opportunity: Pocket Money
Overall Rating: 80/100, (just fun, for a small amount of cash).

What is Instant Cash Sweepstakes (ICS) About?

ICS is a survey related site, where you can answer short surveys or polls on a bunch of different topics and make money for doing so.

Other ways you can make money on the site include entering sweepstakes, creating your own surveys with the chance to win “survey of the week,” and referring friends and family to ICS.

Answering Polls:

The polls consist of simple questions such as “What is your favourite take out…” or “How often do you clean the house.”

Each poll will consist of a few questions and each one has a handful of multiple choice answers.

The one thing I really like here is the length of these polls, they are quick and you will be able to get through them easily.

One real issue with many survey sites can be the length of time it takes to do the surveys, as well as being screened out and chucked off – so, it’s a nice change to be able to do these quick little polls.


You have the opportunity to win $50 each day in a sweepstakes.  However, you have to imagine that the odds are not going to be good here!

The chances of winning is unlikely.  In order to enter the sweepstakes, you need to earn entries via poll taking.


You can also get paid in coins for taking polls and you can exchange these coins for sweepstakes tickets for a chance in the $50 draw.

Referring Others:

Instant Cash Sweepstakes has a decent referral program.  Generally, when you refer someone to a survey-related site, it’s common you may be able to earn around 10% of their earnings.

But sometimes there may be other conditions, such as they have to earn a certain amount first, or you may only receive commissions for a limited time.

At Instant Cash Sweepstakes, you actually get a 100% match of your referrals earnings.  So, if they earn $10, you also earn $10 and that’s pretty impressive.

You get 100% match on any of the cash tickets or coins they make and you can imagine, that could really add up over time.

However, you won’t make much by just getting a few people you know to join and that’s where the trouble lies, as a majority of people just will not be able to generate enough referrals to make anything worthwhile.

To have a chance at being successful at getting referrals, you should have some affiliate marketing knowledge.

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How Do You Earn?

You earn with straight up cash here.  I actually don’t mind points systems at all, which are pretty common – (such as over at Swagbucks).

However, many people find it more appealing to just earn straight up cash and I see the appeal, because you can see right away how much you’ve made.

If you make $1, you see $1 there and you can know immediately how much you’ve made each time you complete a task.

Cashing Out

Another good point about Instant Cash Sweepstakes is their low payout threshold policy.

You can cash out your earnings via paypal from as little as $2.

This is great to see, as some survey sites won’t let you withdraw your earnings until you’ve made up to $50!

And for many of these sites, that’s more than most people will hold out to make.

Many people join these type of sites and just get bored before they reach the payout threshold, which means these companies never have to pay thousands of people for their time spent.

So, it’s good to see many other sites now bringing down their payout threshold to make it fair for people – who perhaps don’t want to commit to spending a lot of time on these sites.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes is totally free to join and if you’re after making a small amount on the site, it’s certainly one of the better options out there.

So, should you sign up?

I review all kinds of ways to make money online and survey sites are right at the bottom end of the spectrum when it comes to earning potential.

But they’re very popular, because they provide a pretty straight forward way, (when they work!) to make a small amount of money for not doing very much.

All sites are certainly not equal and some I review some a lot better than others – not usually because you earn more, (which doesn’t tend to change much) but because the overall experience with the website, company and overall experience is better.

If you’re looking to make a little extra income on the side, you would do best to sign up to a few sites and see how you get on with them.

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So, What is Instant Cash Sweepstakes: A legit Survey Site?

Yes!  ICS is a legit survey-related website, where you can make a small amount of money, for a small amount of effort.

The referral program offers the biggest opportunity for you to grow your income via this site, but some knowledge of internet marketing and specifically, affiliate marketing will help you get referrals.

If you were hoping that by doing survey related sites you could generate any sort of real income, this is not that sort of opportunity.

If you’d like to learn how you can make money online in the long term, there is a place where you can get started for free and learn what you need to know – it’s also the biggest internet marketing community online today.

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What’s your experience with online survey sites?  Are you planning to check out Instant Online Sweepstakes?  Let me know in the comments!

All the best,

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