What Is Wordlinx: A SCAM Or Worth Your Time?

If you stumbled upon this review, you may well have been trying to seek out whether Wordlinx is a scam, or a legit way you can make money online.  what is wordlinx scam or legit

Well, while I do feel this is a legitimate site, with a long standing reputation…

it is also very difficult to make much money whatsoever, without referring others to the site.

To make any reasonable money, you would also need to upgrade to a paying membership.  Ultimately, it’s not something I can recommend.

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What Is Wordlinx?

Wordlinx started in 2003, owned and managed by Rogue Media – who are based in the UK.

At Wordlinx, you can make money by completing simple tasks, sharing links, viewing websites, playing games, watching videos, surveys and shopping online.

But the primary focus is for this site is earning via PTC- or Paid-to-click ADs, where you earn a small amount per click.

You need to watch an Ad for a set amount of time, when the time is up, you get your small fee added to your account balance.

Key Ways You Earn With Wordlinx

Viewing/clicking Ads:  You need to browse the Ads available in the Ads section and watch an Ad for a set time before earning a small amount per click, ($0.0001).

Surveys: Not a large amount of surveys available here.  If you want to earn from surveys, there are definitely better options available – (I personally like Swagbucks).

Download Apps – such as game Apps – and use them.

Promote Wordlinx – Anyone that signs up can refer others to join Wordlinx.  You can access your own personal referral link and anyone that signs up via that link with be your referral.  You can earn a percentage of their earnings, plus also benefit from anyone they refer also.

Earning money through referring others is the only real way to make any reasonable money with PTC sites.

If you don’t already know how you could get enough referrals, having some internet marketing knowledge would be beneficial.

When You Sign Up

If you sign up with Wordlinx, you can earn 50 cents right away, then you can complete your first survey to double payment.

wordlinx double reward

When Can You Withdraw Money With Wordlinx?

You can withdraw at $10, which doesn’t sound too bad at all in comparison with some other PTC sites, (I’ve seen $100 minimum in some cases).

BUT – in reality, the $10 cashout isn’t as good as it appears…  

You need to earn $5.00 yourself from clicking Ads before you can cash out initially.  Just clicking away on your own, this will take a long time, (at $0.0001 a click for the majority of Ads).

After you cash out once, this level is reduced to $0.50, which is significantly lower – but it seems quite cheeky that this rule is in place and seems it would prevent a lot of people ever being paid.

They also take off 5% if you DO cashout under $100 and 2% still if it’s over $100.

They say this is due to Paypal charges, but this is clearly unnecessary.  There are a mass amount of sites that do not charge at all for using Paypal as an option.

If you happen to earn 500 points or higher, you do not have to pay a fee.

Wordlinx Forum – A Good Sign

Every legit PTC site should have a forum where people can show others they’ve been paid, how much they’re making and a place to get help/feedback and so on.

Wordlinx appears to have a fairly large and active forum where the members interact, so this is a definite benefit to this website.

People post their “payment proof,” and while most of these are for small amounts, it at least demonstrates that people are getting paid.

wordlinx forum

While there is not definite way of knowing that all these payment proof examples are legit – at least many are showing small, realistic figures and clearly some of these are genuine.

Although, I have also read some comments from past members that their negative comments were removed from the forum.

Obviously, if only positive posts are allowed, this doesn’t make for an accurate picture.

You also can see via the forum that most money is made by paying members, (see memberships below).

Wordlinx Free & Paid Memberships

Some PTC sites have some vastly expensive memberships, running into hundreds of dollars and thankfully, Wordlinx’s memberships are more affordable.

You can see the difference between the Wordlinx memberships below:

wordlinx membership

For those who are able to generate ongoing referrals, upgrading is definitely the way to go, because you do make significantly more.

However, you’d need to be confident of getting enough referrals to cover your costs.

The Reality Of PTC sites

With regular Ads as a free member, you’re only going to be making $0.001 per click.

The money with PTC is in the referrals.  Many referrals do not stick around for long – I believe the average time someone stays with PTC is one week.

Therefore you need a never ending supply of fresh recruits.

In order to have some success, you will ideally have a very effective process in mind to get a lot of ongoing referrals…

You may have a popular YouTube channel, a large email list, a giant social media presence, or a blog that’s generating some decent traffic.

If you don’t have any of those things at all, then you will find it hard to get enough referrals to actually make it worthwhile for you.

If you think you do have the ability to generate tonnes of referrals, then certainly upgrading your membership could be a good idea and it’s not very expensive to do so.

However, You also need to ask yourself how you can really sell this opportunity to average people… because just regular people searching how to make money online will make next to NOTHING from sites like this.



  • Active forum -where you can interact with other members.
  • Good Rep – A good reputation for a PTC site – with so many PTC sites having negative reputations for not paying out, or poor support and communication, Wordlinx largely avoids this.
  • Support – Reasonable support, you can contact them via the forum or social media and they have an in depth FAQ.


  • Low income potential: Without referrals, this is not a good way to make extra money at all, (and even those with referrals will struggle!).
  • High cash out:  Due to having to get $5.00 from clicking Ads before you can withdraw – your first cash, this could take a long time for many.  A majority would quit prior to this.
  • Lack of Ads to click:  if you do manage to get a tonne of referrals, there aren’t that many Ads, so other larger sites could would bring in more for them.
  • PRE ADS:  You need to actually view an extra Ad BEFORE the actual Ad as a free member, this is just an extra waste of time and Wordlinx cashing in more on free members, while simultaneously trying to encourage people to upgrade.

Verdict: What Is Wordlinx… Scam Or Legit?

I’m not a fan of PTC sites, because most people will not make anything from them.

But as PTC sites go, Wordlinx is a legit long standing website with a reasonable reputation.

If you think you can gain enough referrals to make an OK profit from promoting it, then it may be worthwhile for you.

Ultimately if you still want to try out PTC, I think this site is a better one to try.

Alternative to PTC?

If you’re looking to make money online, there are so many better alternatives to PTC sites.

Yes, there are tonnes of scams out there that will promise you can make money over night and that it will all be super easy… but that’s not true.

Nevertheless, it is possible to make money online and thousands of people do every single day.

Just a few ways people make money online include:  freelancing, selling ebooks, affiliate marketing, email marketing, YouTube, drop shipping – or simply good old fashioned selling of physical products online!

The way I’m most familiar with and had the most success with currently is with affiliate marketing – which is where you earn a commission for promoting products, (when as sale is made).

If you’re interested in how that works – this is where I got started   You can also check it out for free.

So, have you had any experience with Wordlinx?  Leave me a comment below!

All the best….



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