Master Writing Jobs Review – Another Scam?

master writing jobs review scamMaster Writing Jobs Review – Just A Scam? Or The Path To Freelance Success?

Company: Master writing jobs.
Online Opportunity: Freelance Writing.
Price: $68, reduced to $34.
Overall RatingNot Recommended.

Review In Brief: If you want to be a freelance writer online, there is no secret system or magical program that can make that happen.   You should not need to pay to access freelance job listings, their are multiple places you can find them for free.

If you’re interested in writing about what you’re passionate about long-term; you can some valuable training for free: Click here for more information.

What Is Monster Writing Jobs? You’ll Be Left Guessing!

Today, I will be taking a look at a freelance writing program called “Master Writing Jobs.”

I’ve been interested in freelancing for a long time, because I think it’s a great way to boost your blogging income.

However, I have noticed there are also plenty of scam related programs in the freelance industry, as well as the make-money-online space.

master writing jobs review

On arrival to their sales page,  I was confronted by the banner above, which claimed that you can get your first paycheck in 30 minutes.

So, does this program deliver what it promises?  Or is it a lot of hot air?

Well, it sounds like a dream for a budding freelance writer, doesn’t it?  But there is more.

Beneath the banner is a video, explaining how you can earn up to 10k per month, just for writing simple articles.

While the video plays, the number of positions left clicks down lower and lower.  A classic internet marketing tactic!

There are no limited spaces of course.  You can come back whenever you like and you’ll be able to sign up.

They just want to make sure that you feel you’re about to miss out if you don’t sign up right then and there.

On the video, the apparent creator of this program, talks about how he struggled to get freelance work; but that he spent two years creating a “system,”that made him 100k in only 4-5 hours a day!!!

master writing jobs

Whenever these programs start to talk about special systems, my eyes start to roll.

Generally, they will talk about a secret system that made them breakthrough and make a tonne of money…

But naturally, they won’t actually tell you anything about it.

For all to be revealed, the answer is to sign up and part with your money – which is where you hope to find the answer.

Unfortunately, you won’t find the answer you’re looking for and I will explain why in a moment.

Are Companies Desperate For Writers?

He claims in the video that major well-known companies need you and your writing skills.

He then provides examples of how much you’ll make with the writing jobs that are on their books.

master writing jobs earnings

If I’d watched this presentation a few years back, I may well have thought it could be an amazing opportunity – maybe I’d have fallen for it.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen so many programs selling the same old story, (in various forms) and they generally look very similar on the front end too.

Same familiar voice over, same story you’re meant to relate to and the same over inflated earning claims.

In this program, they claim you need just an hour a day, (minimum) – who wouldn’t want to switch their 9-5 for that?

So, What Is Master Writing Jobs – REALLY?

When you join Master Writing Jobs, there will be some writing related job posts on the dashboard…

There have also reportedly been various other unrelated jobs, such as graphic design jobs!

However, these are not jobs you can just take and start writing for cash immediately.

All that’s provided there, are links to actual company job profiles, or websites and you will need to apply for those jobs… just like any regular job.

If you don’t have any previous freelance experience and you don’t have a portfolio of your work to show your prospective employer, your chances of landing a job are slim to none. 

They have also added additional junk training in the members area, to make it look as though you’re getting something for your money.

So, you’ll randomly find training about how to make money on Amazon. It’snothing to do with freelance writing, but they just stick it in there anyway.

The Freelance Industry Is Actually Highly Competitive!

There are thousands of writers out there, all desperate for paid writing gigs and while there is also an abundance of paid work available, it is also a competitive space.

You need to build up a solid portfolio and contacts – companies that will hire you again and again.

While there are courses you can take that can help ease you into freelancing – they’re not going to be promising you can earn thousands over night.

The bottom line though – is that you certainly don’t need to pay to view a list of freelance writing jobs.

You can seek those out for yourself, completely for free.

Just head over to Upwork, or People Per Hour and you will find thousands of potential jobs.

If you’re a blogger, you may also want to check out the Problogger job board.  It can be a good way to find other bloggers in your niche.

Complaints On Facebook:

They claim to have 33k likes on Facebook, but they don’t actually post anything on their page and you can’t see their likes – clearly because they’re bought/fake.

Hilariously, the one fan who positively posts on their Facebook page is called, “We Love 2 Promote!”  How transparent can you get?

They delete anyone who tries to warn others that this is a scam – but they cannot delete the number of people who have commented.

See the post below is meant to have over 70 comments, yet only a handful can be seen.

You can also see some people have posted an emoji angry face and yet, no angry comments can be seen.

master writing jobs Facebook

What About Their 60 Day Money Back Guarantee?

Many people may be tempted to sign up, because the price is low and they do offer a money back guarantee.

Unfortunately, they can make it difficult to try and get your money back.

I have seen comments from people claiming to have requested it 3 or 4 times and heard nothing back.

Have you got a refund from Master Writing Jobs?  Leave a comment below!

The other thing is, most people who sign up, simply won’t go to the effort to get a refund.

In fact, many may still be unaware when they login that they’ve been ripped off – so many people will buy these programs and never actually look at them.

Since there are legitimate products that I do recommend and I know first hand that very few people actually take real action with these things, even once they’ve bought them.

How many books have you bought and never read?  How many courses or programs have you purchased… and then never started?

Many people want to do amazing things in their lives and start a business, or start a blog, become an author and so on and so on.

But only a few actually have the drive and motivation to pursue those goals until they succeed.

The problem is, many people can go into a new project with great enthusiasm…

But once that initial excitement wears off and reality kicks in, a majority lose the motivation to continue.

Whatever you choose to do, just don’t waste your time paying for information that you don’t need!

If you want to be a freelance writer, just go for it.  This program is not what it claims to be and won’t help you become a success any quicker!

So search for jobs on Google, set up an Upwork profile and get some writing samples sorted.

One route that some bloggers take, is to contact other bloggers and see if they need any content written.

You can give examples of your work and what you charge – the worst that can happen is they ignore you or say no.  Big deal!  Give it a go.

Additionally, there are some blogs that pay for guest posts.  There’s a useful list of those over here.

Have you had any experience with Master Writing Jobs?  Leave me a comment below!

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  • I’ve requested a refund numerous times and still haven
    t gotten one or anyone other way to even talk to these !

  • For those trying to get a refund, contact your bank and have this marked as Fraud because that is exactly what it is. After speaking with my bank, they indicated that a company who misleads people or offers a product but doesn’t deliver is considered fraud. And many will say, well they do deliver but in falsity, they don it. The intel video specifies that they have posting for jobs available and we just pick what we want to work on but in reality, it’s a job board with postings being pulled in from other sites that are not freelance as this is strongly inidatced so that people is misleading and fraud. Your bank will most likely reverse this fee and charge them back and hopefully get their account shut down.

  • Thank you so much for this article. I just saw an ad for this company on Instagram and clicked on it and watched the video. I immediately wondered if it was a scam, then I came across your article and it basically confirmed my instincts. I thought the Facebook page looked kind of sketchy too. I am so glad I didn’t fall for it but I feel sorry for those who did. Companies like this should not be allowed to exist and should be shut down.

    • Hi Brittany,

      You’re welcome, I’m pleased you managed to avoid buying into it. It makes all the effort writing these articles worthwhile! Unfortunately, there are so many of these types of scams online and while many do get closed eventually, many also manage to avoid it. It’s a lot harder with businesses online, many seem to get away with it via some loophole. Some are brought to justice eventually. If you want to become a writer online, I’d suggest something like Gina’s freelance writing course here. Good luck, with whatever route you choose! Nat

  • thank you thank you thank you for this.. fellow WA .. I will skip the master writing gig and keep plugging along!

  • I want this to be legitimate for so many reasons. I am not a writer by definition, but I was an English major in college, and I love creative writing. I have read many “click bait” articles that left me astonished that they were ever published. Grammar and spelling mistakes were atrocious. When I saw the ad for this company I thought to myself, “Those articles were probably written by someone working for this company who falls under the category of ‘no experience’.” So, I did a little research and came across many articles, including this one, proving it is a scam. I was a bit disappointed, as I have a health condition that does not allow for me to work outside of my home. I was hoping that this would be a way for me to contribute to my family’s income. I’m just glad that I did not fall for it before investigating. Thank you for doing the hard work for us.

    • Hi Garnet,

      I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but pleased I’ve helped you avoid falling into this scam. Reading comments like this make it all worth it, so thank you for taking the time to comment. You can make money from freelancing legitimately, but it does take time to build up. One freelancing course I took was via this lovely lady Gina, you can take a look here. I wish you all the best and hope you find a way to start earning from home!

  • Very inspirational! I am a bit shy to express my feelings and hesitate to share my feelings with others. This blog post of yours encouraged me to start my own blog. The only motive is to earn some money through it. Wish me luck with it!

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