Is Slice The Pie A Scam?

is slicethepieascamIs Slice the Pie A Scam OR LEGIT?  can you really make money on this website?

Slice the pie or Slicethepie is actually a review site, where you get to earn money per every mini review you submit.

Each review is related to either music, fashion, mobile or a “lucky dip” slice the pie a scam or legit

Sounds easy peasy huh?

It’s certainly not a scam and while you can’t make much money here, I actually find the site enjoyable & fun to use.

Product: Slicethepie
Cost: Free to join, you get paid!
Money Making Potential: Pocket money.
Overall Ranking: 75/100
Review In Brief: You can only make small pocket change with this website, but it’s quite enjoyable.

The website has not gone without it’s criticisms and they’re extremely strict if they think someone is gaming the system!

That said, they’ve paid me with zero issues at all.


What Is SlicethePie about?

Now, considering the earning potential for this product is extremely low, it’s quite amazing that I have given this site such a high rating!

So, why have I?

Well, after wasting countless hours exploring the benefits, (or not) of survey sites and all those relentless boring as hell questions…

It was like a breath of fresh air to discover Slicethepie.

Because this time – it’s not about answering questions.

This time, you are simply giving your opinion on a selection of topics, by writing mini reviews.

Plus, part of that involves listening to music and giving your opinion.

So, enjoyment wise, this is a whole lot more fun.

Maybe I am a little biased, since I actually enjoy writing and find it preferable to ticking boxes and answering mundane questions!

Slice the pie what is it

At the time of writing, there are four categories you can choose to review relate to either fashion, music, mobiles, homeware items – or a lucky dip option.

They added the “homeware,” items in 2016, which added a bit more variety.

Sometimes a certain category will have BONUS underneath and this means it will pay you more per review.

The difference in price between regular and bonus reviews really seems to vary – sometimes it seems to be 20 cents more, other times only a few cents.

slice the pie review

When you go to write your review, you need to write it in a little box, (as shown above).

When you’ve reached you MINIMUM word count, the orange timeline will be full, (You can see it via the arrow in the pic above).

When your review is complete, you can rate the product out of 10 and press enter.

Normally it goes through, but sometimes it may ask you to elaborate to stick to the point.

A couple of times I had to make a couple of quick edits, but 95% of the time it was just accepted.

Slicethepie – Mini Experiment

I decided to see how much I could earn in a timed 30 minutes.

Now, by the time I did this today, I was only able to do this reviewing MUSIC –

that’s because I used up all my surveys in the other categories, so it was the only option left.

Music takes the longest to review because you HAVE to listen to 90 seconds of music, before you can submit your review.

slice the pie music

The most time-saving way to do it, is to make sure your review is already ready to submit within that 90 seconds.

So, you need to listen and type as you go.

There was also no bonus option when I did this.

So, really you’ll be looking at the minimum you can earn in 30 minutes using Slice The Pie.

At time of starting I had $2.52 in the bank.

slice the pie total

The following amounts that I then earned via listening and reviewing music clips was as follows,

In cents… 7, 7, 4, 5, 5 ,5 ,5, 6, 4, 6, 4.

If I had been efficient, I definitely could have done more.

But several songs, I listened through completely.

Also, sometimes I’d be told that the review was not concise or specific enough, (this is common).

I then had to quickly figure out what you’ve done wrong and correct it.

By the end I had…$3.10

slice the pie total after

Thereby making all of 58 cents in half an hour.  I made the first couple of dollars in around an hour the day previously.

So, earnings can definitely vary… buy yup, they are super small.

But that’s what you can expect from any similar opportunity online, (survey sites and the like) and AT LEAST with this one, it’s actually fun.

You also get to help out up and coming artists or designers by giving feedback on their creations.

Your reviews do go straight to them, so they will receive any feedback you provide.

If you want to make more money, by referring friends and family to the program via your individual link, you can earn bonus money every time they write a review too, (20% of their earnings).

You’re able to withdraw your earnings, once you’ve made a minimum of $10.

The withdrawal method is incredibly easy and it wouldn’t take too long to make up the $10 to take out.

Remember, you’d have to look at this like playing a game or a mini hobby, it’s not a business opportunity.

The way you could make the most money would be referring a lot of people – but even then, it’s hardly a massive earner.

Useful post:  How beginners can get started online.



  • Simple to join, easy to figure out what to do.
  • Only mini reviews required, so very quick to complete.
  • Much more interesting and fun than answering survey questions!
  • BONUS categories at times, that pay extra money.
  • The chance to hear some brand new music & find new bands.
  • A referral program, so you can make money from other people joining too.
  • Unlike survey sites, you don’t get “chucked” out of a review because you don’t qualify.  If you complete the review – you get paid.


  • Limited categories to write reviews on.
  • You don’t know how much you’ve made for the review, until it’s been written.
  • Very limited earning potential, (seems to have got even less over the last year!).
  • You need to be a quick typist to benefit the most.
  • Sometimes it will tell you the survey isn’t concise enough, isn’t written in English, or isn’t thorough enough!  Through trial and error, you get to understand slowly what is wrong and what works/what doesn’t.
A look inside of Slicethepie…

Update in August 2016:  I’ve had a couple of comments on my you tube video for slicethepie that people have reached a certain amount, (in one case $15) and been thrown out for their reviews not being unique enough.

However, I’ve been paid with zero problems!  A majority of people do get their money just fine and do not get thrown out.

What it does mean is that you have to be careful when writing your reviews that they are unique and not just a generic response.

Slicethepie are very strict in this respect.  Another good idea, would be to withdraw as soon as you reach the $10 mark, rather than leaving the money in there.

Conclusion:  Is Slicethepie A Scam?

Slicethepie is absolutely not a scam.

That said, it’s earning potential is extremely low and I wouldn’t recommend that you spend hours and hours of your time on it.

Personally, I do feel that this websites quick easy earning potential, along with the fact there is no being “chucked off” as there is in regular survey sites – blows the socks off many similar sites that I have reviewed.

If you stick to the bonus reviews too, you will make much more than going with the regular ones.

Slicethepie is a straight forward, enjoyable and fun way to build up some extra pocket change on the side.

Why go through all the hassle and frustrations that so often come along with survey sites – when you could just sign up to this instead?

Or, if you want to increase your earning potential overall – sign up to a select few sites and then you’ll have some variety – Swagbucks is my favourite.

Click here to taste the pie! 🙂


My advice is to not work exclusively for pocket change for hours and hours of your time each day.

Because all these sites only pay out the minor amounts.

Simply doing this alone will not generate a decent side income!

Sure, do it for a bit of fun if you want, you can’t quit your day job signing up to these sites – go ahead.

For a more longer term project, consider looking into building a real long term business online, that can make you substantial money in the future.

My #1 reviewed program is a good place to get started as a newbie, as you can get started for free and start learning right away.  

You learn, step-by-step, how to turn any passion into a business and learn from a thriving community, who all support each other. 

When you sign up, there is also a free ten part training course members & two free websites included.

I hope you found this review useful, let me know how you’re getting on with your online ventures!

All the best…. 🙂

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  • Hey there Nat!
    First of all I have to say that your website name is spot on 😉 clever!
    As for your post, I remember always looking through so much content on google as I looked around for ways to make some side money. Review sites which ultimately led to absolutely nothing after investing time, which I’m sure a lot of people have experienced too… So I’m glad to finally hear of one that works.
    I will recommend your site to a lot of my associates, as it’s what I would have love to come along when I was searching for ways to make income online! Thank you and cheers!

    • Thanks for your comment! Well, you can definitely make some small change on this website and it’s fine for a bit of fun. However, if you want to really build a business online and make money, I recommend checking out this program first. Thanks again 🙂

  • Hi! I once heard about slice the pie before, but now I have a really objective vision and review, we need more and more of these kind of reviews about business online, because there are so many scams out there that the people could be a bad time. Great information and very useful.

    I really like your website, is built to help people, so if a person never earn a penny online, what could you recommend to him first? thanks

    • Thanks very much for your comment. Yes, you can only make minute amounts with slice the pie really, but its more fun than survey sites in my opinion. If you want to start from scratch online, I’d recommend you check out this program first. Thanks again!

  • Writing reviews for other is definitely not a good way to make money. Writing for other people is just simply helping them to earn money. And I am not getting what I deserved! Why don’t I just create a website and put the reviews on my website?
    But of course I should own a website first.

    • Hi Cyril – writing reviews on this site is definitely not a big money spinner, not for a long stretch. But I disagree that it’s totally pointless, actually you’re helping music artists, (for example) get genuine feedback on their music. Yes, it’s not high paid but…that’s not really the point of this site. It’s more of a bit of fun than an actual way to make money. I have a few positive reviews of sites I feel can really teach you how to make legitimate money online — this sort of site is just for a bit of fun or extra pocket money. 🙂

  • Honestly, I usually find reviews difficult to read but this one flowed nicely. I like how you were honest with the amount of money you made in a certain period of time. I like messing with these type of websites in my spare time because it’s better than wasting away minutes/hours doing nothing. Thanks for this!

    • Hi Gina! Thank you – yes, basically it’s ok for a bit of fun. I am still logging in occasionally to see when they have the bonus ones on, it’s quite good to practice quick typing also!

  • Hi. I have never heard of slice the pie. So this new to me. Your site is a good review site. It certainly dissects slicethepie. Adding clips of earnings, and recording is good. It gives the customers a slice of what they will hear.
    i cannot see slice the pie being beneficial to be honest to anyone. as you rightly said such little earnings for so much time spent. doing surveys give you more money. one thing for sure it does not look like a scam. i always say, you have more reason to believe it may be a scam if the site promising a LOT of money! good review.

    • Hi thanks Arif – no it’s not the route to making any real money. But is fine for a bit of fun really and to earn a few bucks while you do. Surveys are pretty bad as well, for the most part and they can also be incredibly long and dull. What I like about this is that it’s very quick too. They’re also transparent about what you earn and there is no hype, which is decent.

  • Hi Nat,
    I really liked this article. I have tried many of those surveys and have not made any money. Most of the time I spent a great deal of time only to be told that I don’t qualify or they already have enough information in my demographic.Slice-the-pie sounds interesting. The only problem for me, is I am a slow typer.

    • Thanks Joy. It’s true I just hate that non-qualifying aspect! I think it’s totally wrong that it’s even possible for that to happen, especially with no compensation at all. At least with slicethepie, you always qualify for it! So there is much less messing around in that respect. Being a slow typist does work against you though, speeding through it helps! Mind you, do it enough and it would no doubt increase your typing speed! 🙂

  • Hi Nat, Thanks for writing the review, I have heard of the survey and review sites but never looked into them. I did hear you needed to be a fast typist just to make a little money. Also the thought of which sites are scams it is great to hear this one is not. I was surprised at how much money you do make writing reviews. Thank you for writing about Slicethepie.

    • Hi there! Thanks for your comment – being a fast typist is certainly beneficial. It’s not much at all as it is, without being a slow typist! Nat

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