How To Make 100 dollars a day online?

how to make $100 a day onlineI’ve recently started looking on Quora – a site where individuals post questions about anything looking for an answer.

One question popped up that caught my eye…

“How to make 100 dollars a day online?”

Actually, the exact question specified that they wanted to make the money in 5 hours…

and there are lots of these types of questions posted regularly on Quora.

Anyway, 5 hours seemed a little too specific, so I thought I’d look into answering the $100 a day question instead.

So, below are just a few ways that you can reach that $100 a day online goal.

Once you have reached that target, it really is just a case of scaling up what you’re doing already.

Affiliate Marketing

I had to add this to the top of my list, considering it’s how I make the most online at the moment.

Affiliate marketing involves being a middle man between a product or affiliate marketingservice and a buyer.

You suggest products or services to people, (such as by writing reviews) and if that person purchases the product or service after going through one of your affiliate links, you receive a commission.

The best thing about affiliate marketing, is you don’t have to deal with direct sales, holding inventory, customer service, shipping, or returns!  

Commissions can range anywhere from 1% to 100% – with many laying somewhere between 5-75%.

To get started with affiliate marketing, you will need your own blog or website, but setting one up is extremely easy these days!

Useful post:  affiliate marketing training here, free sign up.

Many blogs or websites will be targeting a specific niche – for example, if you had a blog about personal finance, the products you’d be promoting would be within that industry.

If you had a personal development blog, again – the products you’d be promoting would be relevant to your niche.

Niches can be found in any area of interest – from pets, sports, fashion, food, health and fitness, personal development and many more.

If you have an interest, there’s probably a niche you can go into related to it.

Affiliate programs are free to sign up to – normally, companies will expect you to have some content on your blog before they will accept you, (however – this is not always the case).

For example, you can be accepted straight away on clickbank and start promoting anything you like right away, but having a website is certainly advisable long term.

Another very popular affiliate program is the Amazon affiliate program – and this is also pretty easy to get accepted on to.

While making $100 a day is completely possible with affiliate marketing, (and considerably more besides) it’s not something you will achieve over night.

To have the greatest chance of success, being part of a community or forum where you can learn the best practices and get support from other people in the same boat, is a good idea.

This is where I first learnt about affiliate marketing they teach you step-by-step how to build an online business from scratch.

 There’s lots of great information over there, so don’t miss out.

Kindle Publishing

kindle publishing

Kindle publishing is all about publishing your own books on kindle via amazon – it costs very little to get started.

You can outsource things like editing, illustrations, formatting and even the writing from sources like upwork or, (if you’re careful, quality is variable) fiverr.

Personally, I’ve only used fiverr in this respect for book cover design and have had great results from that.

What many people don’t realise, is that so many individuals are making an absolute fortune on the amazon kindle platform.

What sets people apart success wise, can be a combination of things.

But one way to increase your chance of success, is by looking in an area that can generate you plenty of sales, while still having a smaller amount of competition.

Another way is by going into an area that could well have tonnes of competition, (hey, this can also be a good thing – as it means tonnes of people want these books!)

But, focus heavily on promotion – such as via social media and also build a list by capturing peoples emails from the people who are buying your book.

One way of capturing emails, would be to give them a freebie offer that they can’t refuse – such as a free ebook.

You link them to a squeeze page where you can get their email address and you now have them on your list.

That way, every time you have a new book out, you can notify a list of already interested people – as your list grows, so will your following and your profit.

One thing that will be an important choice to consider, is your niche.

For example, I use a tool I have called kindle spy to check out how authors are doing in certain niches.

There are several people on amazon doing very well by focusing on one extremely narrow niche…

for example, Minecraft related kids books!  See the image below.

kindle publishing zack minecraft

As you can see above, this writer that has focused soley on minecraft, has made nearly $25,000 dollars in the last 30 days!!!

Now, you’re looking for $100 a day… this guy has made OVER $800 per day in the last 30 days.

The author has identified an extremely popular area, realised there was a space in the market for these books – and gone to town with it.

Actually, (unsurprisingly) there are a whole bunch of people doing these Minecraft books now, so it will probably become over saturated.

But clearly, people are still making money from it.

And these results are not all that unusual.  In fact, while exploring romance, I saw a few people who had made over $200,000 in the last 30 days.

And if you’re not a writer, plenty of these people who are hugely successful are not writers either.

Many people outsource the writing and this has helped them scale up their kindle business quickly.

You don’t even have to stick to one niche…

I have known of many individuals choosing different pen names and author profiles, so they could publish within a variety of niches.

If you want to get a head start on kindle, I strongly recommend you check out this program.  

It’s great value and shows you step-by-step how you can make money from selling ebooks online.

You Tubing – A Long Haul Method!

you tube

This is a slow route, because you are going to have to be making tonnes and tonnes of videos.

Some you tubers will suggest making a video every day, (some will make several a day!).

In the beginning, you’re going to want to be putting at least a few a week out there.

It takes time to grow your audience but you can earn money from YouTube in various ways – not just from earning from google adsense,

You can also direct traffic from you tube direct to affiliate offers or perhaps to reviews that you could have created on a blog.

While you may see you tube as quite competitive, the competition is actually vastly lower than it is amongst blogs and websites.

Many more people just do not feel comfortable talking to a camera or even having their voice recorded.

So, if you are ok with this – you should give it a go anyway!

Out of all the YouTube videos out there, only a fraction are even monetised!  

Imagine that!!  What massive lack of income some of these you tubers are missing out on.

The bad news is – you’d need somewhere around 50 thousand views in a day to make $100 a day, (at the time of writing).

This will only be possible if you can consistently make great videos that people want to share…

By great I don’t mean technically great either, but videos that people want to watch and not only that, videos people can’t help but share!

You can also make money with affiliate marketing, but for this you’d need some experience to be successful, (Get some training!).

Fiverr – Set Up Your Gig!

Fiverr is not just a $5 platform anymore, you can provide gig extras once you’re established for a short while and these can really build up.


You’re constrained as a newbie in the beginning by what you can offer.

If you’re talking about a straight gig you get $4, that means 25 gigs a day.

This does sound like a lot, but it really depends on what your gig is.

Don’t forget, you can also get gig extras and the amount you can charge for these extras changes quite frequently.

While fiverr want to stay somewhat faithful to the original idea – more money spent means more money for them.

So, they have opened up this platform for sellers to really expand.

Another way to make your money with very minimal effort, is to make a product that you can send out again and again…

For example, a pre-recorded video, an ebook, a course, a cheat sheet, a report of some kind.

This way you won’t be getting into a situation where you’re just exchanging your time for money.

You can’t (yet) send out your products on autopilot, so at the moment you will have to actually send it, (albeit electronically!).

It’s not much effort, but it’s still not entirely passive.

You’ll also have to deal with customer service to some extent, although you could outsource someone else from upwork to do all the behind the scenes fiverr work for you.

Obviously you’d need to be earning enough at that point to warrant spending the extra money hiring somebody though.

Whatever way you choose, Fiverr is a really good way to get started making money online.

>> Check Out Fiverr Here!

In the video below, successful Fiverr Seller Corey explains how he makes $4000 a month – and he has a great ebook to explain how you can too.

>> Check out Corey’s ebook here!


If you don’t yet fancy going all out on the Amazon kindle platform, why not get your feet wet in online publishing – by freelancing?upwork great for freelancing

Or if writing isn’t your thing, maybe you could be helpful in other ways – such as, virtual assistant work, graphic design or illustration.

Personally, I recommend trying Upwork first – while you may have to go for some low paid gigs starting out, it is one of the easiest platforms to get started on.

Once you build up your portfolio, you can start charging more.

I also give some more examples of ways you can get started with freelancing over at this post.

Etsy – Get Crafty!

etsy logo

Etsy focuses on homemade stuff – literally anything that homemade is good to put on Etsy.

They also allow for certain vintage items, (must be at least 20 years old) to be sold on the platform, that are not homemade – plus crafting items that are not homemade also.

There are many naughty sellers who are also selling things that clearly do not follow the etsy guidelines, but are bought in bulk and sold as “homemade.”

However, Etsy are trying to crack down on this problem.

So, if you have an eye for seeking out vintage goods that you could sell as a profit, or you have a knack for creating things yourself – this could be a good option for you.

The downside is, you will have to deal with all the sending/packaging and customer service aspect, which could become very time consuming.

There is someone I know, that’s part of an online community where I’m a member – and he has made over $10,000 by starting off with a product on Etsy.

Without any previous experience in the area at all, he created a beard oil with his girlfriend.

After doing pretty well on Etsy with this item, he was actually contacted by Urban Outfitters – who went on to stock his product.

So, it’s quite exciting the potential that Etsy can have – you never know what big brand name may just be watching behind the scenes.  Check out Etsy here!

It’s important to remember, that making money online can take just as long and require just as much effort as building a business in the real world.

Many “make money online” programs are not honest about that fact!

However, the great thing is – once you’re making money, you will have your own business that you can conduct anywhere in the world, (as long as you have an internet connection!).

Conclusion – will you make $100 a day online?

Here I’ve just outlined a few ways that you can make money online that are legitimate and possible for anyone to get into.

Making $100 a day online is clearly possible, but only a small percentage of people who ever have that idea make it a reality.

Largely that’s due to them not taking action, or not persevering when things get difficult.

So many people quit when they reach a fork in the road, or a stumbling block.

Many people also will go into this believing that making money online must be easy, so they go into it with false expectations.

My advice is to focus on one way to make money online and persevere with it until you find some success…

Once you’ve done so, you may want to branch out and build other streams of income online too.

Have you decided how you’d like to make money online?  Leave me a comment below!

All the best… 🙂

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  • Honest hardworking people will be delighted at the ways you suggested but people who’re looking for overnight success will be disappointed. It’s tough to establish yourself in Upwork and Fiverr when you’re entering the market as a newbie.

    But I guess the same could be said for getting traffics to videos or blogs as well. Any idea how to survive without being wiped out in the initial state? Other than fighting on price alone?

    • Hey Kenny – yes, what you say is certainly true. However, anyone looking for overnight success will be disappointed whatever route they take. While establishing yourself on Fiverr or upwork might be difficult, it’s certainly completely possible. People are getting on board on these platforms every day. Follow people who have expertise in those individual platforms and tread the same path – take advice and push on until you make it. 🙂

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